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The way we communicate with each other is constantly changing. This affects almost every aspect of our daily lives. Therefore, it is not surprising that our private life changes alike. One of the resulting phenomena is sexting.

The new technologies of recent years allow us to communicate virtually with other people practically without any limitations.

In today’s article, we’ll take a closer look at this new trend and shed some light on sexting myths.

What Is Sexting?

The term is composed of two words sex and texts and it means the Erotic content (Photos, GIFs, Videos, Text, Vocals, etc..) sent to another person using an electronic device.

As you can already see, this term is very comprehensive. There are countless ways you can sex-text.

Many people argue that sexting is dangerous or reprehensible. sexting is basically neither good nor bad, it is rather another form of communication. And as is the case with other forms of communication, these advantages and disadvantages also have.

Disadvantages Of Sexting

One of the major drawbacks of sexting is that there are virtually no limits. However, this aspect has more to do with the use of this form of communication than with itself.

Since you can send practically anything with your smartphone and other electronic devices, it is your own responsibility to set your own limits.

But what are the consequences if you do not set yourself these limits or do not follow certain rules?

it’s very easy for hackers -if you not well protected- to get these messages or pictures of you and blackmail you to send more pictures or money.

It often happens that the content that you have sent to a person is shared with third parties without your consent. Or think of a relationship ending. Your partner wants to take revenge on you and tries to expose you with intimate details by making them accessible to others.

You see, the negative consequences can be quite far-reaching. for further information read this article.

Advantages Of Sexting

Because of the drawbacks undoubtedly associated with sexting, many myths about sexting have formed. Therefore, many people often associate these negative aspects of this type of communication.

However, this form of exchange also offers you some advantages. Basically, it is the benefits that all new forms of interaction have: immediacy, easy accessibility, and overcoming geographic barriers.

For example, if your partner works at the other end of the world, you can still maintain your passion and closeness by sending erotic messages.

Of course, such long-distance relationships are not a real substitute for personal contact. No electronic medium can replace real physical proximity. nowadays sexting is oneway to maintain love relationships and passion for each other while you are physically separated.

That was not possible in this way so far. In addition, you can maintain this contact with your smartphone always and everywhere, which is certainly another advantage.

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Myths About Sexting

Since you now know what sexting means and also know the associated advantages and disadvantages, let’s look at some sexting myths below:

1- Sexting is dangerous:

Basically, this form of communication is not dangerous. However, if it is abused and people are forced to reveal intimate details of themselves, then it can be dangerous.

2- Sexting is cold and impersonal:

When you send erotic messages, that should not be a substitute for physical closeness in an intimate relationship. These messages have their own function, they can additionally enrich a relationship.

3- Sexting is promiscuous:

 People in different life situations practice sexting. Also, many couples send erotic messages to enrich their lives or when they have no other way to meet sexually.

4- Sexting always has a negative end:

 If you set yourself limits and follow certain rules, then sexting does not necessarily end in negative. In addition, this topic is increasingly discussed with students in sex education lessons. Thereby they should be informed about the advantages and disadvantages and be better aware of the associated dangers and risks.

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How Do You Practice Safe Sexting?

There are many myths and prejudices about sexting. These can best be counteracted by providing sufficient information about the safe use of this form of communication. If you want to protect yourself against abusive sexting, then you should first choose a partner that you can trust.

Just as in any normal love relationship, the depth of trust that you have in your partner affects how much you can and want to open yourself to it. Also, of course, it’s a lot easier to sex with a loved one, because then, as a rule, you do it voluntarily and you want to share those things with your partner.

If you pay close attention to what content and images you send, that’s a great way to protect yourself from abuse. Think about what would happen if what you send falls into the wrong hands. Could someone recognize you?

If you’re sending a nude photo of you or a photo of a part of your body, then you should make sure that your face is not recognizable.

Do you have piercings, tattoos or other very distinctive features on your body? Then you should also make these unrecognizable. In addition, you should choose a neutral background, so that no one can see where the photo was taken.

In addition, it is advisable to erase your erotic photos from your smartphone from time to time. This will make sure that they can not fall into the wrong hands.

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Final Thoughts

Today we live in a completely networked world. Once you’ve sent a photo with your smartphone, you lose control of how to continue using that content. There are multiple reasons for that.

It may be that the app or platform you are using has a security hole or your privacy is not fully protected. In addition, the person you send the message or photo might not use it responsibly and use it for other purposes than you wanted.

Once society attempts to protect teens from these activities by banning them, these prohibitions ultimately only make them secretly involved. As a result, these new forms of communication are actually dangerous. Because we can not control it anymore. Therefore, we should do more to educate and empower our children to practice safe sexting.

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