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You will probably agree that one of the most incredible and wonderful feelings in the world is the love between two people. The feeling that you experience when you finally find the love of your life is indescribable.

But if you do not know how to nurture your relationship, happiness can go away. And that’s why I’d like to introduce 15 habits that you can do every day and that will strengthen your relationship with the person you love. This is a simple way to enjoy a healthy and fulfilling relationship.

We love, not by finding a perfect person, but by learning how to perfectly see an imperfect person.”

Sam Keen

Go To Bed Together

Going to bed together shows that you are setting your relationship above all other unfinished activities or tasks. When you are together, you give room for communication, body contact, and sexual pleasure. If one goes to bed later than the other, it’s harder to get those wonderful results.

Stay Together At Least For An Hour A Week

In a romantic relationship, over time, we forget to give priority to those moments that filled our relationship with passion in the beginning. The relationship grows, and the commitments grow with it.

It’s important to spend at least an hour each week on an activity that’s fun for both of you. In this way, you strengthen your bond and revive the love that culminated at the beginning of your relationship.

Share Things Before You Go To Sleep

After a hard day’s work, it’s normal to fall asleep in front of the TV. But when it comes to caring about your relationship, a warm and simple bedtime conversation creates a lot of intimacy between the lovers. Take advantage of this moment to release your worries and enjoy the advice and empathy of your partner.

Give Each Other Goodnight Kisses

This gesture strengthens the bond of love of a romantic couple. A goodnight kiss reminds you of why you are together. It’s the last thing your brain remembers before you go to sleep. A goodnight kiss also strengthens the romantic bond between two people and reminds you why you chose this person for you.

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Intimate Cuddling

According to ” The Telegraph “, scientists found that couples who sleep less than 2.5 centimeters apart, most are happy in their relationship. Cuddling is the strongest expression of closeness and intimacy between two people. This does not just have to be confined to your bed: cuddles in the evening on the sofa during a movie, cuddles on the train on the way to the in-laws … The physical touch connects and shows that you just belong together!

Also, Hugs give us protection and security. The unconscious message we convey through hugs is, “I protect you and you protect me. When we are together, nothing and no one can defeat us. ”  This is a feeling that you never want to forget and that you desire to feel every day.

Have A Sense Of Humor

A sense of humor in a relationship is a tool to develop a mutual understanding. The ability to laugh together allows us to develop a sense of intimacy and complicity as a couple.

Give A Confidence Bonus

The basis for an authentic relationship is the feeling of trust and security in the other person. Avoid thinking that she is doing things to hurt you. Otherwise, you create an attitude of strife, not peace. If you interact with each other with love, then none of you will do anything to deliberately hurt the other.

Forgive From The Heart

If you forgive a mistake, feel it from the heart. Let it go, learn from it and do not come back to it in future discussions. Remember that mistakes help us learn and that nobody is perfect. Therein lies the size of the people.

With a kiss, you will know everything that I have kept for myself.

Pablo Neruda

Plan A Project Together

Planning a project together is a great way to create new frets and preserve the old ones that already unite you. Relationships tend to get stronger when you work together on big projects, such as getting married or having children. You can also plan simpler things, such as a trip, learn a new activity that makes you both fun, sport … everything can be valuable when it comes to taking a new path together.

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Call During The Day

It seems like a simple act, but it is a very powerful habit. With the person you love to stay in touch throughout the day, the unconscious message lets you think that you are thinking of him when you are not with him and that you miss him.

Give Each Other Personal Space

It is so important to create a common space, but it is equally important that you both have personal space so that you can be free to do the things you enjoy, and share things with friends and family without that Partner is involved.

Listen, Learn From Each Other And Understand Each Other

Knowing how to listen is fundamental in every respect, and even in a romantic relationship that is a prerequisite. You need to know what your partner needs, what he wants and how he feels. It makes no sense to guess and accept things; it’s much better, just asking and listening.

And then, learn how to understand it. Be aware that you have different opinions, but that does not have to be an obstacle in your relationship. It’s more of something that can enrich a relationship.

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Talk About Sex

Talking about sex, what you both like and what excites you is essential for a healthy and satisfying sex life. If you do not know what the other person wants, it will be harder to understand yourself in bed.

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The Farewell Kiss

The farewell kiss is one of the most important things in a relationship. Everybody starts the day happier with this little gesture. The farewell kiss means a “Have a nice day!”, “Take care of yourself!”, “See you later, honey!” And an “I love you!”. He is a simple promise that you belong to each other. You should never forget what such a tiny moment can do!

Little Surprises

How about a nice breakfast in bed again? And that’s just how it is, without any anniversary or birthday of the partner. Every woman is happy about a bunch of flowers that she gets without any direct reason. Therefore you should also surprise your partner from time to time. Sending out a sweet message at the door, finishing your favorite dinner in the evening, or renting the first joint movie. A little surprise is worth so much more than a material gift!

Hopefully, with these 15 pieces of advice, you will be able to have a healthy and fulfilling relationship. And most importantly, you give everything you can to the person you love, and you enjoy building your relationship together.

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