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Life is too precious to let your existence be rotten by ominous people. Even worse, they prevent you from realizing yourself and fulfilling yourself.

I mention for you at least 7 good reasons to spend a good cleaning to promote your development:

1- Escape The Bother 

Well, you’ll tell me, I know the shovel. Yes, But, I’m talking about those who rub shoulders with you in your circle of “friends” or relationships (associative, sports, cultural, etc.). These people are only trying to create problems and put you out of you. The less you discuss with them, the better you will be.

2- Stay Away From Personalized Defeatist

These people who distill words to discourage you from each of your projects. As soon as you want to stand out, immediately, they will find you a thousand and one reasons not to do it.

They are losers before they start. But, their defeatism is unfortunately very communicative. And that’s why you should not be suffering from their “deadly venom” spirit of defeat.

3- Repel Scornful Individuals

It is their nature to despise others. So do not take gloves, pushing them away from your desire to clean up. If they scorn you, do the same! Never talk to them again. Act as if they did not exist – and they were transparent to you.

Rest assured, scorners will suffer just as much as you ignore them. 

4. Purify Relationships Where You Are Criticised continuously

Criticism is useful and allows you, when it’s just and reasoned to make you progress.

On the other hand, when it becomes automatic for everything you do, go ahead, decide, then make some air.

I am talking here about individuals who are only looking for the “little beast”, and who only detect what is wrong with what you are doing. On the contrary, breathe a constructive relationship by choosing relationships that bring you constructive criticism and enriched with ideas and solutions.

5- Be Selective With Jealousy

The jealous subjects will only envy you in everything. However, this defect can reveal malice that can lead to harm.

It can be seen that jealousy causes acts of sabotage on the existence (at work, for example) of the “victims” they envy. If you find one around you, do not speak to him. And most importantly, never give him any information about you in general. 

This will prevent her from jealousy.

6- Repel The Sneaky And Deceitful Personalities

It may be the worst of the list. The “sneaky” are the ones who make you look good and give you hiring and smile in front of you. But who behind you, sink or denounce you for your mistakes.

When you realize that such a person has a devious behavior, do not let yourself be influenced by their ploy (smile, honeyed words), because it’s a way to get caught up in their nets. unhealthy deceit.

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7. Reject Any Kind Of Toxic Relationship

You know them without a doubt; because they carry with them all the miseries of the world. It is enough to listen to them to speak in a few minutes to see that the world is bad … That everything is ruined … That there is no solution since I tell you it.

And if something goes “well,” it’s only a part of bad luck. They are the ones who always see the glass half empty. Have the reflex to get away from these ominous birds. You will only do better.

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