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couple in a Trip

1- Shun Social Networks

Yes, there are millions to flood Facebook, Instagram and selfies coiled against each other, the smiling face glowing with the fires of the setting sun … but that does not mean that everything is as rosy as their cheeks in the intimacy. On the contrary, really happy couples, sure of their relationship and living the present moment, would be the ones who show the least on social networks,  In contrast, the more couples appear on 2.0, the more they are in emotional insecurity and need to feel validated by others.

2- Drink The Drink Together

According to a study published in The Journals of Gerontology, couples who drink together are less irritated by each other, and even more satisfied with the relationship. This is the conclusion of research conducted on 2,767 50-year-old couples who were asked how often they drank a week, and how many cooked they a week. However, it turned out that the amount of alcohol and the frequency did not matter: as long as couples shared a small drink from time to time – even once a year – they were more likely to say they had a drink. excellent married life. Cheers.

3- Make Love Once A Week

Yes, sex counts too … but no need to fornicate four times a day to form a happy couple. According to a study published in the journal Social Psychology and Sciences of Personality, the happiest couples are even those who have only one sexual intercourse a week. Those who do less love than that also feel less happy, but those who have a greater frequency of fluttering are not more prone to happiness. Well, at the same time, these are just statistics and the important thing is to have the same desires: or stupor, or sexual laziness.

4- Compliment Each Other

If you happen to speak badly to the individual who shares your roof, it would be good to fix it. Or at least balance the critics and sweets. According to research by American psychologist John Gottman, happy couples are those who exchange more compliments than critics. Better, according to a British study, they are less likely to separate when they regularly get out of one-on-one outings to talk to each other, and especially to listen to each other, which reinforces the feeling of having a special connection between them.

 5- know How To Laugh At Everything

According to a study by the journal Social Problems, couples who are comfortable talking about pee, poo.. are happier than couples who think it’s a rude or shameful subject. Because it means they are comfortable with all forms of intimacy. And if they laugh together, it’s probably a one-way ticket for eternal love, since the happiest couples according to another study are those who laugh together. And even those who know how to laugh together about adversity. Knowing how to laugh at two, even the most dramatic, is like ” sharing a vision of the world, ” said the head of the study.

6- Have Micro Attentions

You do not have to rent the Eiffel Tower or an island in Bora Bora to prove your love, because the secret of blossoming couples lies in the daily details, according to a study from the University of Virginia. That is to say, all these small gestures that embellish the day: a steaming coffee in the kitchen on waking, laundry that has been washed and folded without asking for anything, etc. These generous couples to each other, and doing things beyond what is normally provided for in the contract, would be even three times more likely to be happy than those who have no particular attention and for office chores.

7- Say Thank You Regularly

Of course, when we discover that the table was put and the trash down … we say thank you! According to a study by the University of Georgia, the most satisfied couples are those who compliment their partner the most. The latter feels so precious in the eyes of the other, and therefore is more respectful towards the other, and also more likely to overcome the difficulties of relationships. A study from the University of Chicago confirms that if each spouse has a positive attitude, there is less conflict. All that by simply saying “thank you” from time to time? Why deprive yourself!

8- Do Not Stick

A study from the University of Michigan shows that most serene couples are those who give themselves time for themselves. ” It’s important to feel like a complete individual, which involves creating a personal space with individual activities,” says the study’s author. And the happiness of the couple, according to the research, also goes through the friends outside. ” Counting solely on each other for emotional support can lead to tension in the relationship, but being able to talk outside the relationship lowers the pressure on the relationship. ”   


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