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Have you ever tried to put several photographers in the same room and ask them their opinion on a series of photos? Okay, I understand that you have not necessarily tried the experiment …

But if that were the case, it is very likely that these people would have different opinions. This is how we are not affected by the same things when we look at pictures. Some appreciate the technical prowess, others prefer the emotion that emerges, others are moved by the subject. Regardless of purely objective criteria, it is often our sensitivity that speaks!

Will this is not an exhaustive list of different profiles of photographers. but it’s more the main profiles.

1- The Technician:

man checking camera settings
Photo by from Pexels

I will not surprise you by telling you that the technician likes perfect photos. He has the attention to detail and we can even say that he tends to be a little maniac. He loves to speak using technical jargon, even if there are simple words to describe things.

Its case is at the forefront of technology and it knows the functions on the fingertips. He is even able to recite the manual by heart!

The technician photographer has a permanent obsession: his photos must have an irreproachable sharpness. The worst thing you can tell him is that his photos are a little soft or they lack crispness. This is the best way to annoy him!

It is not worth asking him what is his number 1 criterion when he has to choose a goal. He will answer you invariably that it is the dive. And that anyway, there is only that which counts.

The technician is very demanding of himself. The slightest technical flaw that appears on a photo and its fate is sealed. The verdict is without appeal: direction trash. He also tends to be demanding with others, which is quickly painful when you spend time with him …

His thirst for technical perfection does not end with the shot. It is also manifested in post-treatment. His screen is perfectly calibrated and color management is his hobby. Do not tell him especially that the colors of his photos are not faithful or that his post-treatment is perfectible. It is also a sensitive subject!

2- The Artist:

camera artist
Photo by Min An from Pexels

In perfect opposition to the technician, the artist puts emotion in the foreground. For him, what matters is that there is something that passes through his images. The perfect photos give him hives and he is bored to death by watching images that tell nothing.

It must be said that the artist spends time thinking about the realization of his photos. This is not instinctive, he likes to build his pictures before taking them. He can talk to you for hours about his artistic approach or the last series he’s working on. Even if in the end, only he really understands what he’s talking about …

The artist generally masters the technique and he knows how to free himself from it to propose different things. He is creative and is not afraid to think outside the box to come up with new things.

Beware anyway if the approach seems too innovative. You may be facing a self-proclaimed artist. You know, the one who tries to hide his shortcomings by saying that his failed photos are art!

3- The School:

camera and books
Photo by Edwin Jaulani from Pexels

His shelves are filled with technical books and he subscribes to several photo magazines that he devours as soon as they are published. He also follows all the blogs that speak about near and far of the photo. He is like school, he needs to know and to have a detailed knowledge of things.

The school is struggling to get out of his comfort zone and he is cautious when it comes to trying new things. He can spend hours peeling a subject as long as he does not master it well. He likes to go around the question before starting. It reassures him. Once he feels ready, he methodically applies what he has read in his books or on the internet.

The school enjoys clean, crisp, clear photos. A deviation from the rules of composition bothers him and he likes things to be in their place in the frame.

He does not take a lot of risks, but his achievements allow him to get very correct pictures. On the other hand, most of them are lacking in madness or originality. But in the end, he does not care, because he has the feeling of accomplishment!

4- The Nostalgic:

old camera
Photo by Skitterphoto from Pexels

The nostalgic is a kind of photographer apart. You can talk to him about photo technique or artistic approach but he is likely to listen to you with one ear … What counts for him is to keep track of the moments he shared, the people that he met or places he went through.

Photo is above all a way to keep memories intact and to weave a link between the past and the present. He has a twinge in his heart when he sees the pictures of his summer 2008 trip or his last vacation at the sea. He likes to look at the pictures where he was younger and he often says it was better before!

In general, he spends time sorting his photos and classifies them in a methodical way. Like that, even if his memory is lacking, he is able to find an image in no time. He loves to make albums and he enjoys watching them alone or sharing them with his family.

By cons, do not ask him to have a critical opinion on his photos. He has an emotional bond much too strong to be objective. He loves all his photos and he can tell you with enthusiasm an anecdote about each of them!

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