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Have you ever wondered why some landscape photos were more successful than others? Your landscape photos may be dull and featureless but you do not really know why. 
You are surely missing one of the three essential elements to take a beautiful landscape picture: the foreground, the background, and the ideal light.

Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

1- The Foreground:

The foreground serves as a point of attachment and will guide the viewer’s gaze to the background. It does not need to be particularly sensational, as long as the background is interesting enough. Just choose something that contrasts with the background. 
If your scene contains notable elements in the foreground (flowers, rocks, trees, etc.), arrange not to center them. Your composition will be more balanced.

2- The background:

The background is usually the most spectacular part of a landscape photograph. This is where the spectator’s gaze comes in after passing through the foreground. 
It is therefore important to choose it carefully to make beautiful landscape photos. Take your time before you start: move around, try to find an original point of view.

3- The ideal light:

The quality of light is an essential component for the success of your landscape photos. It is she who will bring the key that will make all the difference. 
The best light for landscape photography occurs twice a day: once at sunrise, again at sunset. Indeed, at this time of the day, solar radiation must travel a greater distance through the atmosphere in the middle of the day. The light is softer and highlights the scene you are shooting.

Most beautiful landscape photos are made with these three key elements. The most common mistake is not to include a foreground in its composition, which results in an image lacking depth. Once again, the foreground does not have to be exceptional, only to be present.

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