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Go Up and never back

Morale at half-mast, the feeling of being out of place, plans to explode, No motivation to finish any task. just one step behind a burnout. It’s time to get more motivation and move forward in your work with these simple techniques to regain motivation at work.

1- Identify What’s Demotivating You At Work

Low morale is often a cause. When a feeling of diffuse morosity dominates, you can have the feeling that nothing can move … And laziness wins. 

The first thing to do is to Remove what is most demotivatingTransport, overload, colleagues, or your supervisor… 

Pointing “the trouble” will help identify what concrete solution you can bring, to gradually tip the balance on the positive side.

2- List Your Talents And Make Them Shine

Motivation at work is based on the opportunity to express your talents. 

setting walls to your creativity can undermine your morale, as well as your motivation. 

that’s why it is necessary to list your talents. For example, you are creative, and you need to innovate, to launch new projects. You are the queen of the comm. You like to travel, and you master several languages. Ask yourself which ones you can do with your job … Feeling certain, and being aware of your value and skills act in favor of our motivation!

3- Prioritize What You Love Most

Stress, urgency, and new “networker” tools are all factors that can contribute to our lack of motivation to work. to be clear, time management has become a real headache, we spend a lot of time planning, organizing, which is constantly being reworked. With often a statement rather demotivating, you can not do everything.

Choose two actions directly related to your exciting goal, and make it your priority. 

The satisfaction of moving towards your goal will boost your motivation.

4- Find Your Evolution Potential

It’s all about choice in life. Which one motivated your current job? It’s about clarifying if you’re in your place…

If all too often you’re wondering what you’re doing there, the question is worth asking. 

The notion of place is above all an inner feeling. we found it, all of a sudden, we feel well, recognized and valued and therefore more motivated, and inclined to get involved.

For psychotherapist Sarah Sériévic we are in our place, from that we feel that there is potential for evolution and that we can participate, both for ourselves and the group.

5- Do Not Dramatize The Situation

When we are faced with a situation that bothers us, we often have as our first reflex to mobilize our energy to moan, and therefore to fight against…

The right attitude? “Accepting is the key to change!” Says Jean-Luc Hudry. you are demotivated, it’s a fact, and looking at the situation is the first step to get out of it. There is no need to dramatize, to think that you will never get out of it, that there is no way out … Just watch that you go back to the office.

6- Boost Your Ego, In The Face Of Lack Of Recognition

When management gives you no signs of recognition when you give the best, the motivation fades. And if above all you fear disapproval, you will enter your shell, ruminating. Stop! 

Try not to attach too much to a need for recognition, which can not always be filled by the hierarchy. Give yourself what you are denied. 

Point out what works, open a happy feedback folder, boost your ego and give you added value.

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7- Set A Stimulating Goal

To motivate oneself is above all to find the enthusiasm to work. The tip of the pro is to give yourself a stimulating goal.

Something that makes you jump from your bed, see! Adjust, job, sense, and pleasure in away. “It’s a challenge, between you and you.” In reality, we need to make sense of our job, and we look for a position consistent with our skills and values. So getting involved is possible.

8- Deal With Conflicts With Your Manager

The human factor can greatly darken the sky of your professional motivation. 

When management is too restrictive, or confrontational, getting involved becomes a real challenge. Do not let a conflict situation stagnate, you must explain your need. 

Your main goal? Seek to build a more balanced relationship. And if that’s not possible, look for other resources around you. Also, count on team spirit … which should compensate a manager “difficult”.

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9- Believe That We Can Change Things

Optimism is not necessarily believing that it will end well, it is taking control of the situation and act as much as possible. “Having confidence that our actions will make a positive change is crucial,” says our expert. Watching the glass half full is a start. 

The right exercise From the morning, a great moment of psychic permeability, instead of mulling over the list of constraints that may enamel your day, think of what you’re excited about, a project with such a collaborator, an accepted file …

10- Bad Atmosphere At Work: Finding The Solution

When office life has shifted to “problem mode”, move to the solutions side. 

How? ‘Or’ What? By exploring the field of possibilities … “To take the part of the change will modify positively your state of mind”, assures the speaker. Explore, innovate, move the lines … Something will emerge that should change the situation … As the saying goes: “change what can be and accept what can not be”.

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