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24h and 7days seem too short for a busy person doing busywork, and by Sunday you feel unproductive, you do many things in the 24/7 but not quietly moving on.

Time planning or time management plays an important role in life while navigating from website to another searching about time management and what time planners do, I discovered that there is no universal method, and the secret about the best time planning is the plan you come out with based on your needs.

instead of creating a new one I thought why not mix between one or more methods and improve I went to pick the most useful tips for me, and here are the 7 time management I found useful:

1- Make a “to don’t do” list:

The 20/80 rule says that 80% of the things we do during the day/week only represent 20% of our general productivity, and the other 20% is representing 80% of our productivity. That only takes me to make a “To don’t do list” so I can have more time for important tasks.

2- Organize work around energy level:

Our energy in during one day or week is variable, We can be productive in the morning or night or afternoon, knowing the time our energy in its highest means it’s the right time for deep work and important tasks.

3- Add 144h to your plan:

If 24h even without sleeping seems not enough to do everything, then give it more time and plan the whole week adding 144h including sleep time to your plan.

4- Get The use of your smartphone:

Smartphones and apps aren’t just to chat and read but also to automate things to do as Facebook/Instagram posting, on time gaps — free time- it’s useful to use it on scheduling things your phone can do for you, and also one more thing is using timer apps to focus on your work as Brain Focus.

5- Don’t think twice if it doesn’t matter:

Being an over-thinker make you waste time thinking of useless thing — should I wear a white shirt or black? what if tomorrow is sunny? — if you have a busy life don’t think twice what doesn’t matter and just do the first thing you thought of.

6- 2/10 minutes rule:

If you are suffering from procrastination, this rule is very useful, if a task is going to take you less then 2 minutes to complete do it right away, and if it going to take you more than 2 minutes then try it for 10 minutes.

7- Surprise:

Well I did the plan but last night I didn’t sleep the time I planned and woke-up one hour late, the other day I had a stork took me to the hospital to check what’s going on with my breathing; in real life these things happen things come of nowhere more you do more surprises you get, make your planning flexible.

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