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There are many individuals who have great abilities. Their faculties radiate by their genius. But, they are powerless to “exploit” them and succeed in their behavior toward their goals.


Most are “versatile”. They change directions to the changes they encounter. They do not have the power to – focus – their talents on one point … And, that makes all the difference between success and failure.

Take, if you please, the case of Joseph II of Austria.  On his grave is written: 

“Here rests a monarch who, with the best intentions in the world, never made a single plan”

The Versatile Attract Situations To Failure:

Another example!

Sir James Mackintosh was a man of remarkable abilities. He excited in all those who knew him the greatest hopes. Many followed his career with great interest … hoping that he would “dazzle the world”.


He had no specific purpose in his life. Intermittently, he felt full of enthusiasm for doing great things, but his energy evaporated before he could decide “WHAT TO DO”!

This want of character was fatal to him in his career. All his life was so. He did not have the “Power” to choose a goal and persevere towards it. On the contrary, he sacrificed all the disturbances he encountered.

An example, in a simple composition of text, the “oscillated” for several days, between determining the use of the word:

   “Utility” to finish his report. 

Action Point To Implement Now:

  • Understand that talent in one direction will produce infinitely “MORE” results than “10 scattered talents”. 
  • You have talents, qualities, strengths. Do not scatter them all over.
  • Concentrate your talents towards ONE goal and you will succeed 10 times more than the others with higher talents .. but who are scattered!

Napoleon’s Example Between Analysis And Emotion

Let us remember that Napoleon began in the glory of victories and in the crushing defeat of Austerlitz.

This is a good example to study. For, his aides-de-camp found that the warlord put forward his analysis in the early years. Then he only listened to his desire.

Success is built with a well-analyzed plan. Emotions should only come into play to foster enthusiasm and leadership. It is the difference between the success and the failure of many people.

From the moment that Napoleon put his emotions in preponderance to his analysis and his logic (which I recall was his strong point at the beginning), he began by accumulating the defeats.

Clearly, emotions (like a strong desire to win) can become the worst enemies of success if they take precedence. 

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