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think positive

What is better than being initiated by the best “teachers” of positive thinking. 

Today, I wanted to share their best advice to help you with this change if it’s yours. For we must not be content with one single principle and believe that we have understood it. 

Believe that positive thinking alone can solve your problems is an illusion

It is not enough to change your thoughts so that everything changes in your life, no, it would be an illusion. But, thought is also linked to many other parameters often overlooked, forgotten. Now, disappointments can then appear.

Indeed, these famous parameters often neglected to obtain real results. I noted on a non-exhaustive list, below:

  • The necessity of THE ACTION which must immediately follow the thought
  • The need to let go after one’s inner journey
  • Opening of our creative mind to ideas that arise after our “mental work” to develop our plan
  • Precision, often necessary, in the desired goal (and therefore thought)
  • Self-acceptance, because certain elements of our life are immutable and can not be changed (often the source of conflict and misunderstanding for the followers of positive thinking)

William. Clement STONE, Napoleon HILL, Shad HELMSTETTER, and Charles BAUDOUIN tell you this: 

1. The mental myopic does not see realities and possibilities that escape the field of your gaze. You pays attention only to immediate problems and you are blind to the opportunities you might seize.

Think about the meaning of your perceptions and you will discover the solutions that reach out to you.

William. Clement STONE

2. Instead of yielding to external influences, alone can voluntarily control his emotions. Only you can deliberately transform your habits, starting from emotional reactions.

The more you are cultivated and refined, the more easily you can, if you wish, control your emotions and feelings.

Napoleon HILL 

3. When you practice a form of autosuggestion, the process immediately begins to branch out within you. Because these new inner guidelines tend to wake up the control center of your subconscious.

For example, if you practice self-suggestion for weight loss, it is very likely that similar thoughts will come to encourage you to become a better parent, to listen better, to assert yourself or to empty another goal.


Because you are developing new associated mental circuits that tell you that you are on the right track.


4. The first rule to be respected in the process of directed thought is to ensure, before beginning, that the one you have defined corresponds to your deepest aspirations and not a desire of the moment. Otherwise, failure is inevitable.

 To do this, take the time to choose your goals and to feel them with enthusiasm, to see what you want to see in your life, to feel what you want to feel. Then your subconscious will respond to your deep conviction.

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