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You are likely to complain at any time. Situations exasperate you quickly. Many times your relatives have reproached you for your pessimism. They have always told you that it is important to stop complaining and take life on the right side. You understand their remark and would like to change. Only this attitude is so familiar to you that it has become a reflex for situations that seem to elude you. But, complaining is not incurable and you can heal. Many others have suffered but have been able to cope. I offer you in this article the resources to overcome it. Discover the possible origins of this evil, its consequences and 5 practical tips to get rid of it.

Possible Origins Of Complaints

We are not born in complaints, but we can grow there. The attitude of complaining about oneself and everything comes from various sources. Practices, situations, and dating may have embedded this habit in you. It is important to know them to better know how to remedy this and stop complaining.

1- Your Education

Do you know that the habit of complaining is a legacy? If no, I’ll tell you. We always inherit it from somewhere or something. One of these sources is education.

The education received can be the cause of the habit of complaining in the life of an individual. It can be parental or social education. Several studies have shown that during childhood, the learning of life is mainly done by observation, listening, and imitation. It is educated as much by what we say as by what we do. The child then learns what he sees and that is what he reproduces. He thus reproduces what he sees his father, his mother, his brothers or sisters, his schoolmaster, his comrades do and say.

Imagine for a moment that a child is growing up in an environment where he has seen people complaining all the time. He will simply imitate them. For him, the complaints will become the norm of adequate life. He will not be able to stop complaining. Also, it may not change even when he is older.

2- Your Friends

Personally, if you constantly complain and refuse to move forward in life, I will not be with you. If you rub too many people who refuse to take life on the right side, you will end up being like them. Soon, you will also begin to complain and soon you will not be able to stop moaning. Remember, bad companies corrupt good morals.

3- Your Failures

When we fail in something, the reflex to complain comes naturally. We complain about ourselves and everything that caused this failure. Only now must understand that failures do not come for you to learn to complain. They are not a reason to complain at any time they are there as a trainer and intervene to encourage us to do better. If we do not conceive it this way, when repeated failures occur, we are no longer able to stop complaining. Many are in this case and have stopped moving forward.

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4- Being Pessimistic And Complaining?

I’ve heard people say, I’m plaintive, but I do not want to be told that I’m pessimistic. Would there be a difference between the two? The pessimism in common sense refers to the opinion, the state of mind of those who are inclined to believe that everything is going wrong. The complaints are our moans and lamentations. They can be directed against ourselves, against others or situations.

When you look closely, a person can complain without being pessimistic. You can complain without making it a habit. However, the chronic practice of lamentation will make you pessimistic. Do not stop complaining is pessimistic.

Consequences Of Complaining All The Time

The habit of complaining all the time is a source of discomfort. It drains a procession of consequences very unpleasant. These consequences include:

  • Pessimism: it prevents you from being positive. You will only see the bad side of things.
  • Fear of risk: you will flee any initiative to change things in your life.
  • Laziness: you will be hesitant about everything and unfit for success.
  • Ineffectiveness: complaints will destroy your potential and your productivity.
  • Failure: complaints predispose you to incessant failures and perpetual renewal.

Although these consequences are harmful, it is possible to get out of this state.

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5 Tips To Stop Complaining

As I usually say, nothing is impossible as long as we have the will, we become aware and we decide to take action. So if you want to stop complaining at all times, for everything and nothing, here are 5 tips

1- Cultivate Self-Esteem

Those who complain about themselves at all times very often have a bad image of themselves. This negative and fatalistic view prevents them from appreciating their true worth. You need to start working on self-esteem. This is a good start to stop complaining. Develop self-confidence. Learn to recognize your strengths and weaknesses and accept them. These qualities help you to be positive and to take an optimistic view of life.

2- Cultivate Gratitude

The culture of gratitude is an excellent remedy for complaints. who knows how to be grateful, finds little reason to complain. Not to stop complaining is proof of ingratitude. Gratitude delivers you from dissatisfaction. It helps you to move forward in life. For example, take the habit of keeping a journal of gratitude. It helps you to see all the good things in your life.

3- Be Positive And Optimistic

People who complain all the time are negative and pessimistic. Just be the opposite. Develop positive thinking and optimism. Cultivate this disposition to see things beautiful, not to worry about the present embarrassment and to bode well for the future. What do complainers and pessimists often say? It has not worked, it will not work, we have done everything already, why is this happening to us? “, ” Let’s give up “. Start now to say the constraints of all these sentences.

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4- Choose Your Companions

Eh yes! To finish with the complaints, you must be selective in the choice of your friends. Just avoid being intimate with people who refuse to move forward in life and complain about everything. The easiest way to stop complaining is to get along with people who do not have that habit.

5- Change Your Vision Of Failure

Failure may be the cause of your complaints. You even find it normal to complain when a failure occurs. But you are not right. Instead of complaining relentlessly about failure, the attitude to adopt is that of questioning. We must question ourselves to understand the reason for such a result instead of complaints. Failure is a trainer, it is not inevitable. It is important than to stop complaining and get up to correct what has been done wrong.

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