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Although your comfort zone is comfortable and secure, it also keeps you from gaining new experiences and developing yourself. Here are 8 reasons why you should regularly expand your comfort zone.

One thing in advance: I do not think you need to jump out of a plane, quit your job, or have yourself locked up in a box full of spiders. Although such radical measures can be helpful and give your life a powerful boost, they can just as well end up in a total disaster of fear, panic and overburdening.

Then let’s take it easy and face new challenges step by step. This increases the chance that we will be active, stay tuned and also enjoy the cause.

What Is A Comfort Zone?

Your comfort zone is the area of your life where you feel comfortable. These areas are familiar, safe and convenient.

Your comfort zone consists of your work or training, the colleagues and people you see there regularly, and the path you take there every day. No surprises await you there. You know your way.

Your comfort zone, these are your good friends you have known for a long time, your language in which you can communicate fluently and your apartment/room where you return every day.

In short, it is your familiar environment, with all the characteristics and behaviors that usually occur in it.

If your friend suddenly wants to persuade you to go on a sailing course, it’s something that’s out of your comfort zone.

After all, you have never sailed. For that, you would have to expand your comfort zone.

Sailing is a new territory for you and you have no idea what to expect.

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The Danger Outside

But what happens when something is new and unfamiliar to us?

We are scared!

  • What if I’m embarrassed?
  • What if I do not enjoy it at all?
  • What if everyone else is better at it than me?
  • What if I can not handle the boat?
  • What if something happens to me?

Besides, should I spend my hard earned weekends with a sailing class? I could just stay home and make myself comfortable on the sofa …

And there we already have the problem. Staying in your comfort zone is comfortable, safe, convenient and easy.

Outside this comfort zone, the dangers lurk.

So why do I want to convince you of something that scares you and is uncomfortable?

Why can not I just stay in my nice cozy comfort zone?

Because it keeps you from discovering new things and growing personally.

If you do not set foot on the door now and then, your development comes to a standstill.

Everything stays the same.

To prevent this, you should expand your comfort zone.

And also to be your lucky detective today is only possible because I was able to expand my comfort zone. If I had not done that, all this would never have happened.

I would never have discovered my enthusiasm for Positive Psychology and Personality Development, and perhaps still would not know that my greatest motivation is to help people.

Especially if you do not know your motivation yet, if you are not sure yet who you are, what values are important to you and what you want from life, you must expand your comfort zone.

You can win so much.

The 8 most important reasons why you should expand your comfort zone and set foot in front of the door, I’ll show you now.

8 reasons Why You Should Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone

1. You Get To Know Yourself Better

What we are capable of, what we like and do not like and what is important to us, we learn continuously in life, by making new experiences.

What you now know about you is far from everything you can know and experience.

You do not know if you like green tea if you’ve never had one before. You do not know if you have a great painter if you have never tried it.

And neither can you know if your heart is burning for sailing, as long as you have not had that experience.

2. You Continue To Educate Yourself

A sailing course teaches you a lot about lakes and waters, about boats and the correct behavior in emergencies. You thereby increase your understanding of the people and materials involved and can get to know a whole new world.

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3. You Learn New Skills

Learning to sail teaches you to sail.

This is a skill that you can come back to again and again later that you can write in your resume and that may qualify you for other things.

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4. Your Self-confidence Grows

Realizing that you can do it if you just make it is a great experience.

Even alone.

You’re scared, overcome, and now you’re standing on this boat and sailing … it’s a boost to your self-confidence that no one can take away from you.

5. You Gain Confidence

As you expand your comfort zone, you experience that much of what you were initially afraid of is not that bad.

This will give you confidence.

Every time you take a step outside the door. For example, you may soon realize that others can not sail better than you, and you do not have to be ashamed of it. Maybe you really enjoy sailing and ask yourself why you did not do that much earlier.

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6. You Become More Courageous

Each time you face a new challenge, you become more courageous, as you can increasingly draw on a wealth of experience in situations where you have successfully overcome your fears.

In this way, your willingness to venture new steps out of the comfort zone always increases.

7. Your Self-image Becomes More Positive

You are no longer the shy, timid person who prefers to hide on the sofa.

You are a brave explorer of the world, eager to face new challenges and overcome your fears.

You can be extremely happy with this version of your self. Do not you think so?

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8. You Get New Energy

Every opportunity to expand your comfort zone gives you fresh energy and new energy because variety comes into your life and you feel that there is so much more out there.

You see:

“Expanding your comfort zone step-by-step lets you grow as a human and makes the world your home.”

There you want to go?

Then dare to take a step out of your shell. It also just has to be a small step. Instead of going skydiving, go sailing, take a cooking class, or take the job as a group spokesman. So you can expand your comfort zone step by step.

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