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  No, perfectionism is not quality!

It’s the opposite. This is a major flaw.

You have been taught since your earliest childhood that“doing things perfectly” is the only way to consecration. It’s simply nonsense.


For, Dr Malts in the 70s had already highlighted that man is constituted of a subconscious servomechanism that works on this principle:

The human being MUST make mistakes to progress and improve. Note the “MUST make mistakes” that may surprise in more ways than one. Now, when we observe in depth the set of personalities who have done particularly well, the common point that we find at home is the number of mistakes they made before.

We must make mistakes to progress. It’s hard to admit, I agree at first, but the number of mistakes – if you’re focused on your goal – will be your powerful lever for self-correction to achieve that.

   I present you here 8 solutions to finish with the perfectionism:

 1. Perfectionism Is Written IM-MO-BI-LIS-ME

The more you want to succeed the first time and the more you put a hell of pressure on yourself.

In the end, for fear of not achieving that unachievable goal of success from the start, you will not do anything.

The perfectionists want to do so well that they are always reviewing. Days and months go by, always being dissatisfied. This situation ultimately leads them to not move forward. Everything remains suspended, nothing advances.

Their quest for perfection leads them to immobility. 

2. Change Speeches

    Accept to say to you now say:

     “I learn, rather I am wrong” ,

    The idea of learning is infinitely more acceptable than that of being wrong. In fact, every mistake often teaches us a great lesson to improve our previous work.

3. Stop Believing In The Linear Journey Forever

Our mathematics teachers have taught us that it’s all about logic.

Nothing is more wrong. A course to reach your goal will experience ups and downs, setbacks, setbacks, strategy errors, tests, failures …

4. Watch The Course Of The GREAT Predecessors

    Accept it once and for all!

Whether  Alexander Fleming, Honda,  Edison or Ford, the course of these “great” is fraught with pitfalls, mistakes, zigzag course. They have all mistaken themselves countless times in their quest for purpose.

    The curious observation of these characters will enlighten you on the observation that they were ALL but perfectionists.

 5. We Got You!

Since you started talking, your entourage has been lying to you. Here are the most heard lies in your childhood:

    ” Do good “

    “Be perfect”

    ” Do not make a mistake “

    “Making mistakes is not good”

6. Take The Example Of High-level Athletes

Our cerebral mechanisms force us to fall, hit us, unbalance us, sometimes hurt us.

   But, these experiments are there to record all this data in our memory to improve the next movement. This is how we learned to walk.

7. Deliver Yourself From The Trap Of Your Beliefs

    But who forces you to want to succeed immediately and from the first attempt?

    Yourself. Only.

Do you give this legitimate right to meet obstacles, mistakes? Give yourself the right to repeat the same attempt several times (even very many).

  8. Prefer The Concept: “CPI

The concept “CPI” has helped thousands of people to abandon the lethal lie of projects, which is perfectionism. It reads:

   Constant and permanent improvement. And the principle is simple.

Rather than wanting to do well the first time, you change the parameters by committing yourself to improve your next attempt by taking into account what is wrong and by constantly trying to raise your level of progress.


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