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When doubts arise and we seem to be unable to change our lives, it is necessary to do what I call: “The great interrogation of life” 

No, I do not want to take you to court. You are still less the accused. But, you need to see clearly in yourself. 

This method has many advantages:

  1. It allows you to calibrate the major directions that you will take in the coming years.
  2. It clarifies your choices in your consciousness. Nothing is more adventurous than not knowing where you are going.
  3. It reformats your “mental software” to better get back to your ideals. Like a lighthouse that enlightens you in the night, this method of life interrogation gives you the direction to follow.

These 8 questions that you should ask yourself, are the roots of the scale of your own self-improvement.

1- What Do I Really Want?

It’s not about telling you, “I want to change my life”. You must say to yourself: 

      “What exactly do I want? “

When I ask people who claim to “live the life they want”, all have wondered in this way at some point in their lives.

This question exerts on you a form of “mini-incentive” that removes the secondary elements of your life. Like a magnifying glass effect on your consciousness, this question amplifies and illuminates your deep priorities.

But you can miss out on your priorities too often without distinguishing them. The risk is that you focus on the secondary aspects of personal progress.   

2- What Should I Really Change?

We like the word “change”.But, most often for others …

Life can be generous on the condition that you give him wages. But these wages are evolutions to produce in your life.  The strength of this issue is that it identifies what you are really pr ê t negotiate with yourself to reach your goal.

For example, if you want to run the marathon next year, ask yourself this question:

“What must you change in your life to achieve this sporting ambition? “ (Training hours, get up an hour earlier, reduce my sugar supply, etc.)

3- Am I Comfortable With My Actions?

This question, which is appreciated by personal development coaches, is a true revelation of your state of being.  

   With the answers obtained, you can not lie to your conscience. If the answer is“no,” then it is a form of a subconscious alert.

Why will you tell me?

When you are against your real priorities, you feel persistent discomfort (often difficult to identify). The problem is that this discomfort is a reliable indicator of the meaning (good or bad) in which you are engaged.

By asking yourself really and sincerely:

“Am I comfortable now in what I do” you generate powerful feedback on your choices.

If, however, you feel good, happy, fulfilled by your introspection answers, then go ahead and m ê me amplify your actions. You are on the right track. 

4- Are My Actions Consistent With My Priorities And Choices?

This is a much more common problem than imagined.

The “coherence” between what you sincerely want to do with your life, and your actions (or actions) is the keystone of your personal growth. When I run a time management seminar, I ask my participants to ask this question at least three times a day.

The result is that those who agree to do so have both:

  • More time for them
  • Feel better about themselves

The reason is this deep sense of coherence between their intentions and what they actually do. The feeling of unease often comes from a deep gap between these two aspects.

 5- What Motivates Me?

This fifth question is intended to “turn on your internal engines”.

It triggers an echo in your abilities by also putting the lighting on your forces of change. The motivation is for me the definition of “giving a reason for its action”.

Why not probe these internal forces? 

Perhaps it is necessary to ask this question many times to obtain the expected echo. Nevertheless, the answer always comes at a time in the form of thought denser than the others, an intense positive drive, or a deep desire.

Knowing your internal motivations will energize you in all strata of your personality. 

 6- Have I Done Enough For Myself?

Far from pushing you to narcissism, this question is a real therapy in personal development.

Indeed, it has the power to reveal a facet of yourself often neglected: the kindness to yourself.

  • Is your level of culture suitable for you? Or, do you think that you neglect this aspect?

Do you listen enough to the messages of your body, your intuition, your inclinations, your will …?

There is a good chance that this question evokes some regrets. Certainly, think in this case that it is never too late to be more benevolent with you.  

Never forget that if you want to help others, it’s by being your best friend that you have to start.

   7- What Can I Do To Change Now?

Without doubt one of the most powerful question to boost your personal development.

Too often, we expect the conditions to be the best for us to embark on a process of change. But waiting for “better days” is a chimera.

Personal development teaches us that r èfundamental rule:

“Start where you are and with what you have”

In other words, initiate without delay, if possible at the moment you leave these lines of the blog to initiate the first change.

The leaders of this world all share this quality: They began to build their ambitions with the very modest means they had available.

This question stimulates your ability to start without waiting for the process of progress that you expect.

8- Why Am I A Good Person?

Does this question surprise you?

And yet, on the contrary, it should comfort you. Self-criticism will do more harm than good. By asking yourself this way, you push your inner look to “see what is good at home”. and how many qualities you have, Even if I do not know you personally, I am convinced that you have great qualities.

Conclusion: Learn To Discover Yourself

We never know each other enough. Our inner riches are immense. Your personal approach, your talents, your ability to listen, help others, your insight, your courage, your energy, your smile, your humor, your ideas,…

The power of these questions is immense. it teaches how to GROW.

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