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Between bickering children, extended workdays and the unequal sharing of household chores with your spouse, it’s hard to stay at home. Diane Ballonad Rolland, coach and trainer in personal organization and time management and sophrologist Cindy Chapelle gives you their advice to stay calm daily. Indeed, by adopting simple gestures and new habits, it is possible to manage stress and lower the pressure.

1- Do Breathing Exercises

You are angry, your children are fighting for a toy … when you feel tired, you can quickly explode! That’s why it’s important to take a step back.

To do this, practice breathing exercises, to de-stress. “The exercise of the abdominal breathing is very useful to lower the tension, indicates the sophrologist.” Inhale during 4 seconds, block your breathing then blow while inflating your belly. Repeating this abdominal breathing helps to better manage stress.

If children are arguing, you have to give yourself some time to get your spirits back by sending them to their room, sometimes it takes just 5 minutes to get your spirits back in. When you’re upset, you lose your mind.

2- Practice Meditation

To de-stress, it can be good to focus on oneself, even a few minutes a day. When you wake up, before going to bed or at work, take a break to ask yourself what you want, or how you see your day. You can also lie down, and think about a situation that has made you stand out and project a positive image on these thoughts.

3- Use Humor To Cool Down A Situation

Humor is a good way to turn angry outbursts into laughs. By getting upset, a situation can quickly degenerate. Use laughter! If your child makes a little whim, transform your voice, imitate him, clown … to undo his resistance and make him smile again.

4- Share Moments With Your Children

We spend a lot of time taking care of our toddlers or reprimanding them, without spending time with them. However, sharing time with family, having fun together can release tensions. Use your free time to cook with your family for example.

do a dance exercise altogether to break free. Moving your body in all lightness allows you to relax while developing the creativity of the youngest.

Another activity recommended by the sophrologist, the exercise of the brush to awaken the senses of the little ones. “Take a paintbrush and tickle your children from head to toe, or give them the different sensations.” Relaxation and complicity assured!

5- Practice Calmness

Parents are the first examples of children! Require calm at home, and a proper attitude of the toddlers also passes by oneself. At home, play on low sound levels. Also, even when you’re angry, try to stay calm. If your child is angry, tell him to calm down and talk to him later. Ask him to explain himself and if his arguments do not seem justified, but the limits firmly but calmly.

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6- Enjoy The Moment

Moms often think of 1000 things at a time. A task just finished, they already think of the next imperative, what they should have done or what will happen tomorrow … all not always optimistically. But to stay calm, it is essential to be connected to the moment, to enjoy every moment. And for good reason, it limits the negative thoughts.

7- Separate Professional Life From The Private Sphere

With the exchanges by mails or the multiplication of the tasks at work, the border between the personal and private sphere is more and more tiny or non-existent for some. Problem: To be fully available to one’s family, or even oneself, the professional sphere must not encroach on the private.

It’s important to put a barrier in. When I close the office door, I leave the negative thoughts of work where they are!.

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8- Make To-Do Lists

For example, before leaving work, do not hesitate to note what you will do next day in priority. Thus, work-related thoughts stay in the office and will not interfere with your evening. Also, note all your appointments. Sometimes, post-it notes are also useful for recording things that go through your head. As soon as you have a moment, you can immerse yourself in your notes and think in peace.

9- Detach Yourself From The Image Of a Super-Woman!

Here is certainly one of the most important points to apply to find the path to more calming and become a Zen mother! Indeed, women must accept the idea that they can not do anything. “We are not super-women! It is essential to delegate and know how to let go of the risk of running out! You often put pressure on how to manage your professional life and your private life. Your husband, your children, but you have to get out of perfectionism, you want everything to be impeccable, but perfection would be sad, and that’s good because no one can be perfect. to ask for help around you or a professional. The essential thing is to say that we do what we can.

10- Take Some Time For Yourself

Taking care of yourself is not easy when you have a family to manage, a full-time job and a husband. However, for your well-being, it is important to take time for yourself, go out with your friends and say that you are not just a mother. Opening oneself with others is enriching for oneself, but also for the relationship one has with children.

11- Involve The Whole Family In Household Chores

The sharing of household tasks within the couple, but also between all members of the family is important. The imbalance is sometimes blatant, we lock ourselves into a functioning and the children take an example, so it is important to insist that everyone participates.

By getting together, we have 5 times more time to do things together, it’s mathematical! From 3 years old, the little ones can help. Therefore why restrict yourself! Ask them to put their toys away, to bring their cup on the table at dinner time, “adds the specialist. As she points out, “working on a new organization can sometimes take time.

12- Take Mini-Breaks

“It’s the race!” This is an expression that mothers use regularly. The time is accelerating, the activities are linked together and between the day at work, the journey by transport or car, young mothers are often under pressure. To face this situation,

the magic tool of 5 minutes. By allocating 5 minutes margin between two activities, it avoids us to act in haste. We often tend to wait until the last moment to do things. We are in a time-accelerating society, but we are also responsible for it.

It’s also good to have mini-breaks. “Sometimes, less than 2 minutes is enough,” says the specialist. “They allow you to focus on yourself to do something else then in a more serene way.”

13- Agree To Do Nothing!

With the obligations of everyday life, we are often caught in a chain of annoyances and it is difficult to hold in the long term, you have to learn how to let go. “Doing nothing is badly perceived in our society, yet it is good for well-being, so give up some of your daily demands, and there is no obligation to have a busy schedule. At the weekend, some of them multiply the activities … and run out, but when can we really recover, she wonders, such a rhythm of life is exhausting. stay at home without doing anything… “

14- Get Out Of The Work-Parent Equation

“What is my couple’s place in my life?” it is important to ask this question to put everything in their place. It is also essential to give yourself time for your relationship. This can only be beneficial for married and family life. “Often, with the routine that sets in, the lack of time, the constraints of everyday life, some leave their relationship aside, yet it is important to get out of the work-parent equation to share moments as well, even simple, with your spouse. “

15- Trust Your Intuition

Today, with the new educational methods, the multitude of books explaining the main principles of education, or even the social pressure on motherhood, women can be lost in their role as mothers.

To get out of this, it is sometimes good to trust oneself, to come back to oneself, We are locked in codes, we are told about the ideal age of the first child, of such and such educational methods which contradict each other … Moms do not know what they have to do anymore”. But everyone must find what suits them best.

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