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Stress, to-do list, overwork … Our mind is often overloaded with data. Over time, this becomes a real problem that leads us to immobility (the famous: “I have to think again!”), Or even to a deeper and more intense evil. In-house bubbling is a common problem today, as tons of stimulation has been added to our daily lives … So how do you stop thinking? Here are some tips to help you.

How To Stop Thinking Too Much?

All-day long, our spirit is bubbling with ideas, flashbacks, reactions … In the end, it can really tire us. We feel overloaded with messages, stressed, and then become more impulsive, skin-deep or negative. Yes, because when we know that most of our thoughts are negative, we think that thinking too much can be a real obstacle to our fulfilment. But fortunately, there are several techniques to stop thinking. Here are a few :

Practice meditation

The first way to stop thinking too much is to empty your mind.  To help you, it may be interesting to practice meditation. But for that, you do not have to sit cross-legged for hours. There are many applications and videos today that allow you to test meditation. 5 to 10 minutes a day are enough.  And believe me, you have this time available somewhere in your day. In the middle of every minute in front of your phone, your social networks or your television, why not give yourself a little bubble to decompress?

You will certainly be surprised by the benefits of this practice. Even if the effects are not necessarily felt at the first session and although you will experience some resistance, you will see! Gradually, you will find that your mind subsides. You will have fewer concerns in mind in your day. One way to never have to say “I think too much! “.

Take your ideas out of your head

One of the reasons you think too much is often rumination. When an idea comes to your mind, it will come back to you many times until you pay attention. “I have to make an appointment with the dentist. “I still forgot to make this appointment. “Oh yes, the appointment at the dentist, I really have to think about it! “. One of the methods to stop thinking is to simply write down your ideas.  At each new idea, take paper and a pen and write it down

Of course, if your list gets longer every day and you never treat it, stress will always be there, and that’s not enough. In fact, for this to be effective, you also need to take a moment in your day to deal with all these ideas. Basically, making an appointment takes us less than 5 minutes. So why not do it right now and get rid of it? 

Stop the flow of information

In recent years, the amount of information we swallow every day has really multiplied. As soon as you wake up, you track social networks. You turn on the media, to know “what you missed”. This is repeated at the slightest pause, at the least moment alone, in transport, sometimes even during meals …

However, it is important to note that all this information affects you. Sometimes they give rise to emotions (anger, frustration, envy), sometimes they make you think. But in any case, the more you are in contact with them, the more they overload your brain. Basically, your mind is in the image of your environment: when the latter is bubbling, overloaded, your mind is too.

Thus, by cutting with the media and social networks, you will surely find that your mind will be much clearer and quieter. Another good way to stop thinking and therefore give you rules to follow on the flow of information that you follow each day. Not before 10 am? No more after 9 pm? 1 hour a day only? To do without it completely? It’s up to you to see what best suits your daily life.

How To Stop Thinking Of The Past?

Sometimes, to stop thinking too much is above all to free oneself from the past. However, it is not easy to leave ruminations. The solution? Understand the reasons for this evil being. Why are you stuck in the past? What did you fail to integrate?

The help of a therapist will often be beneficial to help you step back. In addition, another step away from thinking about the past will also be focusing on the present. Again, nothing like mindfulness meditation to bring you back to the present moment.

Also, if a past event is painful, that you have lost the desire to move forward, it may be motivating to focus on a new goal to achieve. Looking ahead, you will stop thinking about what was. Maybe you stay focused on the past because you felt you did not control a situation. In the case of a death, an illness or a break-up, you can feel helpless and think about what you could have done. Or simply to rethink moments of the past where we were happier than today.

Thus, you invest in a future project will certainly allow you to feel again actor or actress of your life, and so to no longer think of the past without stopping. However, depending on what you have experienced, it is a delicate process that must be done with time and a lot of kindness.

Overthinking at night

Many people say that thinking too much harms their sleep. Also, in addition to all the methods to stop thinking too much above, it will be beneficial to practice relaxation at the end of your days or just before falling asleep. With support, a gentle yoga class, or just for yourself, taking a moment to relax each night will help you think less and fall asleep more easily.

However, also think about acting on the causes of your rumination. For example, if you are overworked, you probably think in the evening about all the things to do and your commitments to keep. Your thoughts are therefore stress. The one, once accumulated can lead you to exhaustion. It is therefore essential to take care of yourself: changing your organization, doing less, delegating are all solutions to stop thinking too much. It is the same if the causes of your incessant thoughts are all other. It is up to you to conduct your investigation and act accordingly.

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