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7 Signs Of Emotional Connection With A Person

Signs of emotional connection can be difficult to interpret because many variables occur in human relationships, but it’s always important to create an emotional connection for the joy it brings in a person’s life. in this article, we will talk about the connection as a lasting, stable and pleasant melody […]

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What You Need To Know About Sexting

The way we communicate with each other is constantly changing. This affects almost every aspect of our daily lives. Therefore, it is not surprising that our private life changes alike. One of the resulting phenomena is sexting. The new technologies of recent years allow us to communicate virtually with other people practically without any limitations. In today’s article, […]

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15 Habits To Strengthen Your Relationship With Your Kids

Part of your work as a mother or father is to guide your kids and help them in their daily lives. It also means setting boundaries, correcting their behavior, saying no, telling them what to do and what to do better. However, your relationship with your children is so much […]

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Slipping Off The Mask On A Narcissist Person

What Is Healthy Narcissism? Everybody has narcissistic parts. To the right extent, such properties are not harmful either. Self-confidence, self-esteem, and above all, self-love are prerequisites for a healthy, stable psyche and a positive, better world. But this also means that one is out there, aware of the responsibility for all […]

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15 Rituals Of A Healthy And Fulfilling Relationship

You will probably agree that one of the most incredible and wonderful feelings in the world is the love between two people. The feeling that you experience when you finally find the love of your life is indescribable. But if you do not know how to nurture your relationship, happiness […]

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10 Ideas That Makes A Memorable Romantic Evening

A romantic evening with your partner is pure quality time, These 10 ideas will tell you how to make the evening beautiful and memorable. No matter if you are in love, have been together for years or already married – a romantic evening is important for any partnership. For a […]

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How To Protect A Child From A Manipulative Partner

A narcissistic pervert has many facets. He may be friendly or charming to entice you into his nets and angry and threatening the next day. But in this case, it will never be his fault, always yours. Slowly, but surely, he will make you believe it. This is how he or she morally and […]

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15 Tips To Help You Manage Stress And Become A Calm Mom

Between bickering children, extended workdays and the unequal sharing of household chores with your spouse, it’s hard to stay at home. Diane Ballonad Rolland, coach and trainer in personal organization and time management and sophrologist Cindy Chapelle gives you their advice to stay calm daily. Indeed, by adopting simple gestures […]

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How To Establish Trust In A Relationship.

Imagine a couple’s life where trust is absent. Your partner goes to work and you do not have peace of mind. You look at his messages and you can not bring yourself to think that he is just a friend. You want to share a secret with your spouse, but […]

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Should We Stay Married For Our kids?

They no longer love each other, no longer get along, no longer desire each other … Despite these facts, they can not separate or divorce. The reason? Children. “Our children are still too young (or are approaching adolescence, an already hard time), they need both of their parents to flourish, […]

How To Love Again After A Break-up

How To Love Again After A Break-up

Are you having difficulty in love after break-up right now? Was it your decision or not? It does not matter, does it? The end of a life together is probably one of the most painful things you will face. Indeed, saying goodbye to a once happy relationship does not just […]

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How To Better Understand And Manage Jealousy

Although useful for improving important relationships, jealousy is likely to fuel harmful behaviors. Fear of being replaced or deceived and the desire for exclusivity may force someone to obsessively monitor a partner’s communication, reports, and location information. People who are sickly jealous even try to reduce their partner’s self-confidence, and […]

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5 Secrets That Make The Happiest Married Couples

With the breakdown of family patterns, the duration of the couple is no longer motivated by the same imperatives as before. When we decide to persevere today, it is no longer because we should “hold to hold” – to comply with the norm, for socio-economic reasons, to please dad-mum or […]

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How To Avoid Celibacy In Your Relationship

Living a long-term relationship and getting along well sexually: all couples dream about it, but many doubt it. Why? Because, in the first stages of the relationship, “the couple feels that they have already gone around their sexuality,” says sexologist Catherine Solano. They know what gestures, what caresses give them […]

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9 Fundamental Pillars Of A Strong Relationship

A couple involves two people, who decide to project together in life. For this, it is essential that the couple build a series of solid and robust pillars, on which they can rely to build all their common projects. Negotiation and agreement are the cement. Love, respect, and understanding are like the […]

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Six Keys For A Productive Sex Talk With Your Partner

To say nothing, to say everything … In the matter of sexuality, certain modes of communication do not allow any improvement of the relation. For the sexologist Sylvain Mimoun, there can only be a satisfactory intimacy if the communication is adapted to the couple, its history, “where it is”, but […]

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8 Things To Do To Become Happier Couple

1- Shun Social Networks Yes, there are millions to flood Facebook, Instagram and selfies coiled against each other, the smiling face glowing with the fires of the setting sun … but that does not mean that everything is as rosy as their cheeks in the intimacy. On the contrary, really happy couples, sure […]

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Why Expressing Emotions Is Important But Difficult!

There are some people for whom the sentimental life seems so easy and as natural as breathing and eating. They master perfectly the universal codes of the game lovers, are comfortable with their partner. And above all, they talk about everything that goes through their heads without embarrassment and shame. For others, however, […]