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10 Common Traits And Signs Of Highly Sensitive Personalities

Every one of us is a world and each of us has different personality traits that make us unique. While some people are colder and have fewer feelings, others are highly sensitive. In psychology, it is referred to as emotional people or highly sensitive people for individuals who process sensory […]

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What Are the Impacts Of Fears And Worries On Your Brain?

The influence of anxiety and worry on your brain can be summarized as follows: they are toxic. And this, although the reaction itself is a natural one. When we experience a threat, we react with fear and caution. However, many of our concerns and worries that we have daily are […]

3 Initial & 4 Serious Stages of Burnout

3 Initial & 4 Serious Stages of Burnout

The stages of burnout been The subject of numerous research. However, there is agreement on one point. Burnout is a creeping, lengthy process. All scientific considerations include essential elements of burnout. These include disappointment and resignation. Also, psychosomatic effects, fatigue, and withdrawal are such elements. The following discussion focuses on […]

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Slipping Off The Mask On A Narcissist Person

What Is Healthy Narcissism? Everybody has narcissistic parts. To the right extent, such properties are not harmful either. Self-confidence, self-esteem, and above all, self-love are prerequisites for a healthy, stable psyche and a positive, better world. But this also means that one is out there, aware of the responsibility for all […]

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All You Need To Know To Deal With Bipolar Disorder

What Is Bipolar Disorder Sometimes happiness and despair are two sides of the same coin. Just as depression pulls people into the abyss, their opposite – mania – can drive them to unprecedented heights. They feel great when they get sick and often experience the crash into depression after some […]

10 Bizarre Psychology Cognitive Biases

10 Bizarre Psychology Cognitive Biases

From the beginning of psychology, scientists tried to understand the human construction, if it’s soul or mind that guide our behaviors and decision making, psychologists had discovered numerous biases in human behavior, and the existence of this biases affect out logical thinking and may interrupt our decisions. Cognitive biases refer […]


What Is Panic Attack And How To Stop It

An anxiety crisis or panic attack is the experience of intense anxiety. mostly last for a few minutes and to 30 minutes in some cases. Characterized by seizures, hight cardio activity, dizziness, and mental confusion. Patients with schizophrenia or acute psychotic disorders may also experience panic attacks associated with delirium, […]

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11 Tips To Sleep Naturally At Night

How to sleep better? Sleep disorders are not inevitable. It is often enough to follow a few rules to find the pleasure of a good night. Activities and drinks to banish, the comfort of the room … Follow our advice to find a sleep of quality. 1- Avoid Caffeine The […]

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How To Face Seasonal Depression This Autumn

Since the switch to wintertime, the night falls earlier and the sun is infrequent. Some people feel they never see the light of day. The lack of natural light prevents the body from synthesizing vitamin D, which influences the mood. As a result, some people suffer from seasonal depression in […]

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4 Simple Ways To Take Care Of Yourself

Taking care of yourself may not be in your list of priorities right now, but it should be.  You may want it but have too much to do and think … No question of “wasting time”! Work, studies, the couple, the family … Here are obligations and responsibilities that occupy your time […]

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I Think Too Much:How To Stop Overthinking?

Stress, to-do list, overwork … Our mind is often overloaded with data. Over time, this becomes a real problem that leads us to immobility (the famous: “I have to think again!”), Or even to a deeper and more intense evil. In-house bubbling is a common problem today, as tons of stimulation has […]

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4 Useful Techniques To Master Your Anxiety

When anxiety sets in our mind, the present loses its meaning and the future fills with impossibilities. By taking care of ourselves, we can manage to reduce this anguish that devours everything. For that, we must feed on what we deserve when we need it. An anxious mind is only chaos and […]

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The only solution to face your fears

In 1998, my former boss summoned me to my first staff representation meeting. The fear in his stomach to face him and ask him a general increase for employees …  To tell you the truth, I was shaking. So, I thought back to my self-confidence techniques. I remember this psychological rule: “We are afraid of […]

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The Healthy Narcissism

In the late twentieth century, the concept of narcissism slowly evolved from traditional psychoanalysis, and a new term was carved out to express the good side of narcissism, or specifically to express the value of self-esteem and self-love without interrupting contact with the outside world, and so-called ‘healthy narcissism’.