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8 Reasons Why You Should Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Although your comfort zone is comfortable and secure, it also keeps you from gaining new experiences and developing yourself. Here are 8 reasons why you should regularly expand your comfort zone. One thing in advance: I do not think you need to jump out of a plane, quit your job, […]

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10 keys To Find The Emotional Balance

The mental balance includes emotional well-being, which consists of the ability to handle emotions. This does not mean that they should be repressed, but quite the opposite. Recognizing and accepting them, and feeling comfortable when unpleasant emotions manifest, is synonymous with emotional balance. Love yourself, be flexible in the face […]

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7 Signs Of Emotional Connection With A Person

Signs of emotional connection can be difficult to interpret because many variables occur in human relationships, but it’s always important to create an emotional connection for the joy it brings in a person’s life. in this article, we will talk about the connection as a lasting, stable and pleasant melody […]

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10 Common Traits And Signs Of Highly Sensitive Personalities

Every one of us is a world and each of us has different personality traits that make us unique. While some people are colder and have fewer feelings, others are highly sensitive. In psychology, it is referred to as emotional people or highly sensitive people for individuals who process sensory […]

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What You Need To Know About Sexting

The way we communicate with each other is constantly changing. This affects almost every aspect of our daily lives. Therefore, it is not surprising that our private life changes alike. One of the resulting phenomena is sexting. The new technologies of recent years allow us to communicate virtually with other people practically without any limitations. In today’s article, […]

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What Are the Impacts Of Fears And Worries On Your Brain?

The influence of anxiety and worry on your brain can be summarized as follows: they are toxic. And this, although the reaction itself is a natural one. When we experience a threat, we react with fear and caution. However, many of our concerns and worries that we have daily are […]

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15 Habits To Strengthen Your Relationship With Your Kids

Part of your work as a mother or father is to guide your kids and help them in their daily lives. It also means setting boundaries, correcting their behavior, saying no, telling them what to do and what to do better. However, your relationship with your children is so much […]

3 Initial & 4 Serious Stages of Burnout

3 Initial & 4 Serious Stages of Burnout

The stages of burnout been The subject of numerous research. However, there is agreement on one point. Burnout is a creeping, lengthy process. All scientific considerations include essential elements of burnout. These include disappointment and resignation. Also, psychosomatic effects, fatigue, and withdrawal are such elements. The following discussion focuses on […]

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Slipping Off The Mask On A Narcissist Person

What Is Healthy Narcissism? Everybody has narcissistic parts. To the right extent, such properties are not harmful either. Self-confidence, self-esteem, and above all, self-love are prerequisites for a healthy, stable psyche and a positive, better world. But this also means that one is out there, aware of the responsibility for all […]

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15 Rituals Of A Healthy And Fulfilling Relationship

You will probably agree that one of the most incredible and wonderful feelings in the world is the love between two people. The feeling that you experience when you finally find the love of your life is indescribable. But if you do not know how to nurture your relationship, happiness […]

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10 Ideas That Makes A Memorable Romantic Evening

A romantic evening with your partner is pure quality time, These 10 ideas will tell you how to make the evening beautiful and memorable. No matter if you are in love, have been together for years or already married – a romantic evening is important for any partnership. For a […]

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All You Need To Know To Deal With Bipolar Disorder

What Is Bipolar Disorder Sometimes happiness and despair are two sides of the same coin. Just as depression pulls people into the abyss, their opposite – mania – can drive them to unprecedented heights. They feel great when they get sick and often experience the crash into depression after some […]

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Minimalism: What’s in it For You & How to Become One In 2020

What Is Minimalism Minimalism means throwing away unnecessary things. Like superfluous objects, rusted friendships, and activities that serve no important purpose. What remains is only what gives joy and is satisfying. Minimalism maximizes the meaningful and valuable. It has nothing to do with renunciation, austerity, and asceticism. Those who live […]

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How To Protect A Child From A Manipulative Partner

A narcissistic pervert has many facets. He may be friendly or charming to entice you into his nets and angry and threatening the next day. But in this case, it will never be his fault, always yours. Slowly, but surely, he will make you believe it. This is how he or she morally and […]

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How To Stop Complaining All The Time In 2020

You are likely to complain at any time. Situations exasperate you quickly. Many times your relatives have reproached you for your pessimism. They have always told you that it is important to stop complaining and take life on the right side. You understand their remark and would like to change. […]

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15 Tips To Help You Manage Stress And Become A Calm Mom

Between bickering children, extended workdays and the unequal sharing of household chores with your spouse, it’s hard to stay at home. Diane Ballonad Rolland, coach and trainer in personal organization and time management and sophrologist Cindy Chapelle gives you their advice to stay calm daily. Indeed, by adopting simple gestures […]

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How To Establish Trust In A Relationship.

Imagine a couple’s life where trust is absent. Your partner goes to work and you do not have peace of mind. You look at his messages and you can not bring yourself to think that he is just a friend. You want to share a secret with your spouse, but […]

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Should We Stay Married For Our kids?

They no longer love each other, no longer get along, no longer desire each other … Despite these facts, they can not separate or divorce. The reason? Children. “Our children are still too young (or are approaching adolescence, an already hard time), they need both of their parents to flourish, […]

10 Bizarre Psychology Cognitive Biases

10 Bizarre Psychology Cognitive Biases

From the beginning of psychology, scientists tried to understand the human construction, if it’s soul or mind that guide our behaviors and decision making, psychologists had discovered numerous biases in human behavior, and the existence of this biases affect out logical thinking and may interrupt our decisions. Cognitive biases refer […]

How To Love Again After A Break-up

How To Love Again After A Break-up

Are you having difficulty in love after break-up right now? Was it your decision or not? It does not matter, does it? The end of a life together is probably one of the most painful things you will face. Indeed, saying goodbye to a once happy relationship does not just […]

7 Useful Ways To Overcome Your Shyness

7 Useful Ways To Overcome Your Shyness

Shyness is a feeling that can have disastrous consequences on our social life. with intense shyness, it is difficult to speak or to give one’s opinion, or even share a simple idea. the harsh reality is that a person believes he can not overcome it. Excessive shyness leads to frustration, […]


What Is Panic Attack And How To Stop It

An anxiety crisis or panic attack is the experience of intense anxiety. mostly last for a few minutes and to 30 minutes in some cases. Characterized by seizures, hight cardio activity, dizziness, and mental confusion. Patients with schizophrenia or acute psychotic disorders may also experience panic attacks associated with delirium, […]

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How To Better Understand And Manage Jealousy

Although useful for improving important relationships, jealousy is likely to fuel harmful behaviors. Fear of being replaced or deceived and the desire for exclusivity may force someone to obsessively monitor a partner’s communication, reports, and location information. People who are sickly jealous even try to reduce their partner’s self-confidence, and […]

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11 Tips To Sleep Naturally At Night

How to sleep better? Sleep disorders are not inevitable. It is often enough to follow a few rules to find the pleasure of a good night. Activities and drinks to banish, the comfort of the room … Follow our advice to find a sleep of quality. 1- Avoid Caffeine The […]

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What Is The Secret About Time Management

24h and 7days seem too short for a busy person doing busywork, and by Sunday you feel unproductive, you do many things in the 24/7 but not quietly moving on. Time planning or time management plays an important role in life while navigating from website to another searching about time […]

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5 Secrets That Make The Happiest Married Couples

With the breakdown of family patterns, the duration of the couple is no longer motivated by the same imperatives as before. When we decide to persevere today, it is no longer because we should “hold to hold” – to comply with the norm, for socio-economic reasons, to please dad-mum or […]

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How To Avoid Celibacy In Your Relationship

Living a long-term relationship and getting along well sexually: all couples dream about it, but many doubt it. Why? Because, in the first stages of the relationship, “the couple feels that they have already gone around their sexuality,” says sexologist Catherine Solano. They know what gestures, what caresses give them […]

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How To Face Seasonal Depression This Autumn

Since the switch to wintertime, the night falls earlier and the sun is infrequent. Some people feel they never see the light of day. The lack of natural light prevents the body from synthesizing vitamin D, which influences the mood. As a result, some people suffer from seasonal depression in […]

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9 Fundamental Pillars Of A Strong Relationship

A couple involves two people, who decide to project together in life. For this, it is essential that the couple build a series of solid and robust pillars, on which they can rely to build all their common projects. Negotiation and agreement are the cement. Love, respect, and understanding are like the […]

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4 Simple Ways To Take Care Of Yourself

Taking care of yourself may not be in your list of priorities right now, but it should be.  You may want it but have too much to do and think … No question of “wasting time”! Work, studies, the couple, the family … Here are obligations and responsibilities that occupy your time […]

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Six Keys For A Productive Sex Talk With Your Partner

To say nothing, to say everything … In the matter of sexuality, certain modes of communication do not allow any improvement of the relation. For the sexologist Sylvain Mimoun, there can only be a satisfactory intimacy if the communication is adapted to the couple, its history, “where it is”, but […]

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I Think Too Much:How To Stop Overthinking?

Stress, to-do list, overwork … Our mind is often overloaded with data. Over time, this becomes a real problem that leads us to immobility (the famous: “I have to think again!”), Or even to a deeper and more intense evil. In-house bubbling is a common problem today, as tons of stimulation has […]

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8 Things To Do To Become Happier Couple

1- Shun Social Networks Yes, there are millions to flood Facebook, Instagram and selfies coiled against each other, the smiling face glowing with the fires of the setting sun … but that does not mean that everything is as rosy as their cheeks in the intimacy. On the contrary, really happy couples, sure […]

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Why Expressing Emotions Is Important But Difficult!

There are some people for whom the sentimental life seems so easy and as natural as breathing and eating. They master perfectly the universal codes of the game lovers, are comfortable with their partner. And above all, they talk about everything that goes through their heads without embarrassment and shame. For others, however, […]

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4 Useful Techniques To Master Your Anxiety

When anxiety sets in our mind, the present loses its meaning and the future fills with impossibilities. By taking care of ourselves, we can manage to reduce this anguish that devours everything. For that, we must feed on what we deserve when we need it. An anxious mind is only chaos and […]

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How To Gain More Self-Awareness, And Why It’s Important?

Self-awareness is about turning towards oneself, learning who you are, where you want to turn, what makes us vibrate, what inspires us. Knowing yourself is very important because it leads to good self-esteem, assertiveness, and excellent self-control to cope with life situations.  “Of all possible knowledge, the wisest and most useful […]

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5 Effective Ways To Simplify Your Life

In the quest for a better life, focusing on the essentials is the first step. How to become happier when one’s mind is occupied by hundreds of questions? Simplifying Life is about putting in place long-term strategies that make it possible to turn away from superficial issues and focus on […]

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How To Find And Live With Your Passion?

This is probably the dream of a majority of people.  To be able to exercise a profession that corresponds to our own passion is a way of ultimate personal development, some think. Let’s help you with this article. Let’s look at the elements that can make this goal possible, namely:       How to […]

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8 Best Solutions To Defeat Perfectionism

  No, perfectionism is not quality! It’s the opposite. This is a major flaw. You have been taught since your earliest childhood that“doing things perfectly” is the only way to consecration. It’s simply nonsense. Why? For, Dr Malts in the 70s had already highlighted that man is constituted of a subconscious servomechanism that works on this principle: The human […]

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The only solution to face your fears

In 1998, my former boss summoned me to my first staff representation meeting. The fear in his stomach to face him and ask him a general increase for employees …  To tell you the truth, I was shaking. So, I thought back to my self-confidence techniques. I remember this psychological rule: “We are afraid of […]

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List Of Common Positive Thinking Tips

What is better than being initiated by the best “teachers” of positive thinking.  Today, I wanted to share their best advice to help you with this change if it’s yours. For we must not be content with one single principle and believe that we have understood it.  Believe that positive thinking alone can solve your problems […]

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The Healthy Narcissism

In the late twentieth century, the concept of narcissism slowly evolved from traditional psychoanalysis, and a new term was carved out to express the good side of narcissism, or specifically to express the value of self-esteem and self-love without interrupting contact with the outside world, and so-called ‘healthy narcissism’.